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COME SEE WHAT THE MONKEY CAN DO!!!! :icontarddanceplz:

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Lets start with my life boys and girls.
First my moms in the hospital again because doctors and insurance are lazy! But whatever. Shes there now and I hope to God she will be stable enough when they force her out prematurely, AGAIN! But seriously, I cant believe how MANY careless asshole doctors there ARE! I mean I really lost a lot of my faith with them. Its amazing they havent killed her do to carelessness! Sigh..
But in happier news this happened.
In early January, due to to finding out our rent rises 10% every year and due to our fixed income, I started searching for a new apartment. In my search, I came across a newly built apartment that was taking applications. It was like God directed me there himself! The building was made for low income families and people with disabilities so the rent is really low. There were so many applications that they had to pick tenants via raffle! We thought we had lost but to our surprise we got a call because someone backed out! So now the apartment is ours and we will be paying 300 dollars less! But sadly theres a slight hold up in the plans. The apartment is finished being built but they're waiting for the generator for the electricity to be installed and it keeps being delayed! They said we may not be able to move in until July 1st but they're not even sure!(it might be earlier though) Sadly for me, I promised our current landlord we would be gone by the 16th of this month because someone already leased it. So for two weeks I will be technically homeless....AGAIN! But dont worry my church has got me covered. They'll keep my stuff in storage at no cost to me till the time comes. I just need a place to stay, but my church is looking into that as well. Sheesh and its the month of my birthday too. I dont even know if Ill have time to celebrate it properly..

Now for my OCs. Their looks are gonna be changing slightly.
Sain face may look a bit different. You'll see the change in the improved version of the last sketch I did of him. Ill be posting it soon. This sketch is a work in progress and Ill keep posting the changes to document my improvement and once Im happy with it Ill color it properly.
Sunny is technically no longer a true vampire but a race whos origins come from a master shapeshifter and a vampire bat Yokai(Japanese term for supernatural creature. But the bat is not Japanese, I just found the word the best way to describe the creature) My choice to change was because after doing some research I found out that the common vampire that you know and love comes from nothing but book fiction! A true vampire is more like a zombie and they are actually made due to improperly done death rituals. There are exceptions though like vengeful spirits and so forth. Im trying to base my creatures from old, but historical documentation, be it true or not. 
Sunny will also have a more stockier build.
Hermes no longer has vampire squid DNA in him. He is now a mix of Dumbo octopus and common octopus. I also changed the way his fins hang from his head. They are also thinner.
I think thats all.
Shout outs to people.
Havent forgotten your art trade :iconveender:!
Havent forgotten our rp :iconjessica-rae-3:!
:iconzanten:, I still owe you a cute drawing of Kalyan because I said I would and because I love you!
I did say I wanted to draw fan art of :iconpeachnewt: 's OCs.

                          love and light from the dangochao


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
i am a bi-polar Gemini!!!
which, when i think about it, shows a lot!
i like cute, sweet, and cuddly things. my peronality is sweet to match as well!
but i also like crazy and creepy things too. sometimes i like to act crazy in a silly way!
i also have ADD and i can be rather forgetfull(it depends what it is).
ever since i was little, i have been drawn to soft vore.i dont even remember what it was that i saw that drew me to it..heck i didnt even know that it was called vore untill Nov, 2 2010! once i knew what i was and that there were others like me, i felt better about myself. now i have learned to love and accecpt myself for who i am!
i can draw, sing, dance, act, and play piano and ocarina.
i also plan to write stories. but i dont know how good i am.
i am also a very spiritual person. but i choose not to follow any kind of religon! i believe in God and the gods, goddesses, archangels, angels, and fairies that serve him!:dummy:
i aslo believe in psyhcic phanomina and energies. i practice energy healing. which for me, means i can lessen the pain that someone is feeling by sending healing energy through my hands. wheather you choose to believe me or not, i dont care. i only know what i have expirienced for myself, and its from those expiriences that I CHOOSE to believe it to be so!
i believe that my purpose in life, is to make people happy useing the gifts that God gave me! so thats what i do!

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: whatever inspires me
Operating System: wouldnt you like to know:p
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Skin of choice: my own skin, thank you:3
Favourite cartoon character: Freakazoid,Vash the Stampede, any crazy hero

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